Tuesday, September 22, 2009

3 OMMA Wins in New York

Together with Intuit and Initiative Media we're excited to announce 3 wins out of our 5 finalist entries at the 2009 Online Marketing and Media Association (OMMA) Awards in New York City.

Rich Media: Best Single Execution: TurboTron

Capitalizing on the 2009 Super bowl weekend, the football-themed ad from Intuit starts off with a literal and metaphorical explosion as a TurboTax football helmet goes head to head with a tax helmet and wins. Then things get really crazy. The ad unit opens into a giant jumbotron, packed with testimonials, a video from YouTube star Tay Zonday, a panel for asking tax questions, an offer to win $25,000, and a clock counting down the number of days until taxes are due. Built specifically for the Yahoo! homepage, the "Turbotron" broke ground as one of their single-most interacted-with ad units.

Social: Best Use of Widget: SuperStatus

This innovative campaign asked people to solve simple tax-themed challenges by updating their status via Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter with their answer in 140 characters or less. The effort centered on an embeddable widget allowing users to grab and share the contest via social networks. By submitting clever responses, players gained the chance to win prizes, from cash rewards to trips to New York and L.A. The SuperStatus widget delivered over 6 million impressions during the tax-season campaign.

Best Integrated Online Campaign, Financial Services: TurboTax

TurboTax developed custom opportunities with a broad range of vendors such as AOL, Digg, Google, Weather.com, MySpace and Yahoo, with customized creative. For AOL, TurboTax sponsored a tax navigation bar off the AOL Homepage leading to a TurboTax sponsored section. On Weather.com, a rich media execution featured "maximum refund forecast," leading to a specially designed landing page. Promotions on Yahoo included a rich-media "TurboTron" featuring interactive video, customer reviews, live tax Q&A and a contest. The promotion lead to a broader audience reach, an 80% increase in site traffic and a 32% increase in online sales.

The competition set a high bar, with brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, HBO, and Disney and agencies Saatchi & Saatchi, Razorfish, and TribalDDB as co-finalists in the categories above. 

For a full list of the competition, click here.

Thanks to all of the Dailey, Initiative and Intuit folks who made all of the work a success!

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