Monday, April 13, 2009

An Insight Into Insights

Much of the time agencies/marketers spend talking to consumers involves gauging responses to work in progress. Such an approach serves an immediate purpose – namely, finding out whether the work is “on target” – but on balance, it’s likely a superficial exercise. We don’t really get inside the consumer’s head as much as we could.

This article in the NY Times about Disney’s efforts to find out what drives boys ages 6 – 14 reveals a different approach. Far from superficial, they deep dive into boys’ lives – literally into their bedrooms: looking under their beds, at the back of their bookshelves and into their dressers. It's nothing new, by any standard, but what's refreshing is Disney’s willingness to commit 18 months to the process. This is, after all, a company driven by quarterly profits. But the more they dig, the more they find. In other words, taking a longer view, they're getting a bigger picture.

It’s an old advertising truth that to get people to talk about you, first you must talk about them. Gleaning the insights that drive strong communications is little different. We have to start with the consumers first, not ourselves...

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