Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Advertising Age: H&R Block vs. TurboTax: Who Had a Better Media Strategy?

Two brands enter. One brand leaves. It's Mad Max Thunderdome, for tax brands . . . but without Tina Turner.

Advertising Age ranks Dailey/Initiative/Intuits work versus H&R Block's agencies' execution in this article. and we're thrilled at the overall results.


"TurboTax, given its base of e-commerce sales and history as a heavy online user, showed a lot of digital savvy in social media, online display and search. Its TV strategy with NBC Universal was a highlight."

"In February TurboTax teamed up with NBC Universal to deliver one of the most innovative broadcast-partnership programs of the year. The unique deal, worth an estimated $20 million, integrated NBC programs and talent into TurboTax commercials and gave NBC Universal creative ownership. It developed custom TV spots for nine different TV shows on six different NBCU networks."

"TurboTax's 2009 social-media approach involved Twitter, Facebook and MySpace. Two notable programs were Freeloader Nation and Super Status."

" TurboTax was the first advertiser to use ad units throughout Google's AdSense network to send clicks to its Twitter page."

Check out the full article for head to head comparisions in Social Media, Online Display, Promotions, TV, Mobile, and Print.

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