Sunday, March 22, 2009

NXT Stage Online and Mobile Entertainment

We will be speaking at the NXT Stage conference in Hollywood on Wednesday on a panel discussing social media and widgets. Check out the event here, and stop by.

Widgets as a Promotion and Syndication Platform Panel

The ability to share is key to gaining viral traction online. Widgets, portable applications that people can share across social networks and even add to their desktops, have evolved. Social Marketing Applications, which include, but are not limited to, widgets, mashups, Facebook and MySpace applications, are being used by brands--in some cases in lieu of traditional online advertising--to advertise, launch new products, syndicate video content, and more. Social marketing applications allow content owners to “spread the word” quickly and cheaply, turn users into brand ambassadors, and track ROI easily.

Jason Ling
Promethean Industries - Founder/Chief Strategist
former Head of Mobile - MySpace

Jennifer Cooper
CEO - Mixercast

Zach Posner
VP Corporate Development - National Lampoon

Nick Collier
VP Creative Director - Dailey

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