Monday, February 2, 2009

Note to Self: Move it!

If you were here today, instead of out there, reading this post, you would see a frenzy of Dailies lugging computers, files, photos, and yes, stickie pads, from one place to their new home.

We're rearranging the entire seating strategy, to physically integrate teams into smarter, more mobile and flexible client-based pods. So, if you're a client partner, in most cases your media folks will be sitting next to your creatives who will be right next to your account friends who also happen to be within shouting (striking?) distance of your interactive guys and gals.

It's a simple but profound move that we think will service the pursuit of great ideas. Good ideas are everywhere if you're open to them, but they're especially concentrated when divergent disciplines share close quarters—there is literally no barrier to a creative absorbing the latest in say, media possibilities with an advanced rich media expandable ad, or a (gasp!) account lead getting deep down into a creative expression.

If this were baseball, we're all sitting in teams now, rather than all the pitchers hanging out on one side, and all the catchers somewhere on the other half of the world apart from all the second basemen. Yeah, and the idea is the . . . um, ball.

Bad analogies aside, these little adjacencies and overlaps and hall meetings are where a lot of inspiration sparks—even more so after today. Drop your Dailey people a line and help them figure out where to put the beanie babies.

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