Friday, February 20, 2009

Live Design Battle: Cut and Paste Los Angeles

If you're in LA this weekend and you'd like to see something spectacular, you should stop by the Los Angeles show of the Cut and Paste Digital Design Tournament. It's like a cross between a concert, a breakdancing battle, and Project Runway, and it's all live.

Check out the video below:

Cut&Paste Digital Design Tournament 2007 from Cut&Paste on Vimeo.

Kelly Nichols, one of our motion graphics folks at Dailey, was instrumental in developing this global tour with events worldwide in Hong Kong, New York, Amsterdam, Tokyo, San Fran and more.

Contestants are put through several rounds of design challenges, where they must create concepts in realtime in front of a massive crowd. Categories include 2d design, 3d design, and motion graphics. What ensues is a voyeuristic social experiment where what is usually a solitary pursuit becomes an electrified community experience. The contestants themselves are part rock star, part reality show contestant—and for anyone who has ever worked in Photoshop, the idea of having a crowd watch your every mouse-move is no doubt a galvanizing experience.

The tour has garnered sponsorship from major brands including Diesel, Adobe, Wired Magazine, Autodesk and more. Congrats to Kelly for helping launch this interesting confluence of design and global culture.

Cut and Paste LA
Saturday Feb 21, doors open @ 5:00pm
The Avalon, Hollywood
1735 Vine Street
LA CA, 90028

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