Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The first-ever social status contest, grab the widget and play!

Carrie is . . .

There are few things as viral as the "what are you doing now" status in Facebook and Myspace, or Twitter's microblogging. Write a few inflammatory, humorous, or thoughtful lines, and suddenly your social network lights up with activity—both comments and views.

The TurboTax SuperStatus Contest

Today we launched the first-ever contest of its kind that harnesses the inherent virality of the status update and turns it into a fun, opt-in contest that you can play with thousands of people, on your Facebook or Myspace page or through Twitter. Check out and grab TurboTax SuperStatus here.

What is it?:

Similar to an old-school caption contest, TurboTax SuperStatus is "ridiculously" easy to play; we pose a challenge, and you type your answer or solution into your FB/MS status or tweet it out to the world. There are a couple of guidelines, one is to work "TurboTax" into your answer. Then, we pick the best status update and give out the prize.

Widgetized, portable, syndicated:

For an innovative delivery method, we collaborated with San Francisco-based Mixercast, to develop a portable widget (a.k.a. application, gadget) that lives out "in the wild" of web 2.0, being grabbed from pages, passed along among friends. On this small screen that you invite into your social livingspace, we broadcast clues, tips, tricks, challenges, and updates on the contest. This allows the contest itself to physically be passed along/grabbed from one friend to another—and we are able to update thousands of widgets all throughout the internet, with a couple key strokes.

Media Support

The program will be supported with broadcast TV mentions on NBC and sites throughout the NBC/Universal network, display media, word of mouth, as well as our Myspace Secret Shows sponsorship.

Dailey collaborated closely with innovators on the Intuit TurboTax and Mixercast teams to develop this program. We also developed integrated TV, online (display) and corporate identity. In 2006, Dailey developed the first UCG major social campaign for Intuit. If you missed it, here's CNN Money anchor Ali Velshi's attempted rap.

Dailey is the TurboTax brand's general and interactive agency of record.

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