Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dailey Launches Small Business United Initiative for Intuit QuickBooks

Last week we launched the Small Business United campaign with our partners at Intuit QuickBooks.

A lot of marketers have used the economic climate as an opportunity to tack themselves and their products to somewhat (or totally) unrelated social movements—we feel like consumers are smart enough to realize that in many cases the associations between, say, sugary soda pop, and political change are tenuous at best.

The Small Business United initiative is different. It originates from a remarkable truth that in the past 30 years, more than ninety percent of new jobs created have come from small businesses.

Intuit QuickBooks helps entrepreneurs and their small businesses thrive, by helping them attract customers, save money and make money.

We developed design and strategy for the Small Business United site:

With Intuit, we took a decidedly positive view—as a company, rather than playing into doom and gloom and the ever-present tagphrase "now more than ever".
"Small business owners remain generally optimistic, with 89 percent saying that they still see opportunities for their business in spite of current economic conditions." - Intuit Research

The United initiative includes a small business grant of $25,000 awarded to the winner of a user-generated submission. This is part of about $350,000 in grants and other donations.

Dailey has developed ideas for Intuit QuickBooks for over 9 years.

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