Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Product Launch Campaign for Honda, New Process, New Dialogues with Consumers

We're excited about a fresh campaign now rolling out for an all-new Honda product—The Fury. The ideas for this campaign were born from a simplified approach that we developed for Honda and other clients. The campaign "sweet spot" is located by the overlap of three datasets;

• Truths about the Product itself
(what makes it unique, better, how it looks and feels)

• Truths about the Consumer
(quantitative and qualitative insights)

• Truths about how the Consumer interacts with information (interaction with media, identifying patterns)

The overlap of these truth areas dictated that a radical departure from typically conservative Honda marketing was essential—and the way in which the campaign lived and breathed had to be completely new as well.

Here's how it went down:

The launch was teased with wild postings in Los Angeles, New York, Miami, and other major metros, with suggestive imagery and a URL.

Wild postings pointed to a teaser video online, and an email sign-up, offering the chance to be "the first to know".

Meanwhile, a suite of online virals generated speculation and were passed around on all the major video portals and on enthusiast networks:

Simultaneously, selected bloggers were given advance previews to the product to generate a prelaunch online word of mouth frenzy, which we monitored using online conversation monitoring tools with our New York-based partner Reprise Media. Seeing what was being said helped give realtime feedback that helped shape messaging—immediately we saw what product aspects were relevant for consumers, and what wasn't.

Shortly thereafter, the product was unveiled online simultaneously with a real-world reveal in New York City.

View the final "revealed" product site here.

Content was developed to enhance the mythology around the product, like this.

Additionally, we developed an integrated ecosystem of social venues for users to invite the product into their community—click to view fury living within: Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, Twitter, and YouTube.

We continued to monitor and shape the organic evolution of the product in the blogosphere, with mentions on popular blogs uncrate (for stylish dudes) and gizmodo (for stylish nerdz).

And, ultimately, the proof will be in the sales figures from dealers—we're eager to put together a model that maps key performance indicators throughout the campaign and correlates them to sales.

In over 28 years of working with Honda, this was a campaign of firsts in many respects, and we're exited to learn from it and share out insights.

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