Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Preview of the New Logo . . .

Van Gogh said, "How difficult it is to be simple".

Here's a preview of our new logo. Our new identity was an exercise in undesign more than design; to be uncluttered, simple, straightforward, so the work and our clients can remain a focal point.

A process of eliminating artifice and "wrapping" led to a pretty simple and true definition: we make ideas— not "ads".

Consumers hate advertising (just ask them sometime when they're not in a focus group or being intercepted in a mall). Advertising tells them what to do. It yells at them. It annoys them. It's an invited guest in their living rooms and computers.

While advertising tends to emulate, ideas tend to innovate. Ideas outlive time, space, and budget. They can reinvigorate tired brands and differentiate commodity products. They open up a world of possibilities for engaging the consumer. They can make limited budgets go as far as limitless ones. And they can create unbreakable bonds.

In other words, ideas are the last legal unfair advantage you can have over your competition.

Sounds a lot better than advertising to us.

In the next few months, Dailey will begin the process of some significant changes, from the superficial (new signage, office design) to the functional (evolved processes, completely new ways of working with clients and contributors), right down to the core of what makes us different (making innovative ideas).

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